A Gift From Michael Hill

Three. Three !? Seriously ? I feel some what cheated that three whole years have nearly gone by. I still remember the day she was born like it was yesterday. There's something about saying "I have a three year old" that makes it a little more real that she's not my baby anymore. Three has proven already to be exceptionally more challenging that one and two combined. Lets just say she's questioned my sanity more times than I actually thought was humanly possible. She's got this little persona that continues to blow my mind. She's feisty but so sweet, she's 'boy rough' but so very gentle, and she has an attitude that would put a 16 year old girl to shame. She's a Threenager. 
Her birthday is 5 short weeks away so Kelvyn and I have been talking presents. We are firm believers in quality over quantity, we've made the mistake of buying hundreds of shitty toys that they play with for 5 minutes then they're never to be seen again. This year we are get a couple "special gifts" things that they will have for years and never get sick of (well thats the plan anyway !). One of the gifts we have chosen is an Expandable Stirling Silver Bangle from Michael Hill. Our aim with this is that it will be something she will wear for many years then be able to pass down as a keepsake for her children one day. 
We have given her this as an early present and she hasn't stopped staring at it. She's at the right age to appreciate and remember a gift like this which makes it even more special.
This bangle is available at www.michealhill.co.nz for $99 NZD.

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